Self Storage Units

Many consumers have seen the shows on TV about storage units were the owner has not paid the rent for the unit and the contents are now being sold. A storage facility is in the business to make money and if you do not pay your rent on time, they have the right to sell your stuff. Consumers use storage Melbourne units all of the time for a variety of reasons, but don’t forget to pay your rent!

Temporary Self Storage

When you are moving or are between homes, many people will use a storage facility to temporarily store their belongings. They might only need storage space for a few weeks or months. This is just a place to keep their things until they finalize their living arrangements.

Long Term Storage

We all collect things, inherit furniture and need a place to store these items. Perhaps they cycle some of the furniture through their homes when they get tired of what they are currently using. Some will store these items for the kids when they leave the nest. Either way they need long term self storage units to keep their stuff.

Size and Air Quality Matter

The size of your self storage unit will determine the amount of rent you will pay. It is important to manage the amount of things your store and pack them well to minimize the space you will need. Another important consideration is whether you need quality air control for your things. High humidity can cause mold to form and deteriorate your belongings quickly. A dry climate can dry out furniture causing cracking and loose joints. Adding humidity may be needed in cases like this.


When consumers look for self storage units they need to consider the following factors:
Total space needed
Air quality control
Length of term for self storage unit
Total rent cost
Term of rental contract